At CED, we understand that change is a process, not an event. This process includes understanding our customer's vision for change, integrating our change management activities into the client's improvement plan, educating the key sponsors and stakeholders on change management, assessing the organization's change readiness, developing a change management strategy and communication plan, coaching people through the change process, and evaluating the success of the change initiative.

The Center draws upon its unique partnerships, set of experience, knowledge, certifications and skills of our team to position our services as assets to our customers. Our goal is to apply proven best practices in emotional and development through change management techniques to achieve the expected results of our clients.

We recognize that every company, no matter how small or large, is composed of the same common element ... people. It is the individuals within an organization that make the organization world class. A company can have the greatest ideas, products, or service offerings, but ultimately the only way to guarantee results that are in proper alignment with the company's core vision is to get the people in the company to perform at peak levels with a clear purpose. Now more than ever companies need to focus their energies and resources on nurturing and developing their employees. Companies that make management development a strategic priority will move to the head of the pack and attract and retain the best leadership talent.




Rupert A. Hayles, Jr.

President of The Center for Emotional and Spiritual Development and Chief Operating Officer of Christ Church. He is certified in many EI instruments and has coached ordained as well as lay leaders. Currently a Ph.D. candidate at Regent University focusing on Emotional Intelligence and Fruit of the Spirit, Rupert has an MBA from Wharton School. He is an organizational strategist, author, lecturer and adjunct professor. He and his wife Maryann live in New Jersey.
Rupert has worked with diverse clients from for-profit and social sectors/non-profit and religious organizations.  His areas of expertise include:
Emotional Intelligence
Organizational Management
Strategic Planning
Leadership Development

Maryann Hayles

Managing Partner, Inner Healing for the Center for Emotional and Spiritual Development. She has coached in the emotional intelligence and inner healing realms for many years and is certified in the Baron Emotional Intelligence instrument. Maryann spent decades in corporate environment with a focus on financial accountability.  She received a Bachelor of Science from New York University.
Her primary focus is on inner healing and managing emotions.  She specializes in the areas of emotional intelligence, liberation and inner healing. Maryann is certified in the Baron Emotional Intelligence instrument.  
Her areas of expertise include:
Inner Healing
Emotional Intelligence




Among the many organizations Rupert and the team have worked with include:
Catherdral International
Covenant Ecumenical Fellowship and Cathedral Assemblies
Pastors Leadership Alliance
Solid Foundation New Jersey
Middle Atlantic Products
Microsoft Corporation
Prudential Financial
Cytec Industries
Merck Pharmaceutical

If you are interested in having either Rupert or Maryann, or both, speak to your group or organization; please fill out a speaker request form.