Greetings Sir/Madam:

It is our pleasure to introduce you to The Center for Emotional Development.   Our tools and techniques for attaining personal and corporate objectives are best-in-class.   Our focus is primarily on the utilization and knowledge of our emotional self-awareness, to bring out the best in each corporate citizen. 

Our profile is included in this package and listed below are some of the highlights:

Corporate Profile

  • The team at The Center has significant experience in the realm of Emotional Development to to drive leadership performance.

  • Our Advisory Board consists of corporate leaders with decades of experience in the fields of business management and executive leadership.

  • Partners with multiple years of consulting in the realms of leadership development, emotional assessment, team performance and strategic organizational development.

Our Services

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ-i) self assessment gives the individual the option to review him/herself, to ascertain clear understanding of his/her intrapersonal state.

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ-360) gives the individual complete feedback on his/her emotional status within varying leadership situations.

  • Team Emotional and Social Intelligence tools to assess the performance of individuals-static and the team-dynamic in the performance of work.

  • Utilization of Daniel Goleman’s Primal Leadership assessment to formulate conclusions on the leadership characteristics of the leader (i.e. visionary, pace-setting, affiliative, democratic, command and control, etc.).

The Center for Emotional Development is confident that we can propel you and your organization to higher levels of effectiveness and can quantum leap you/your organization into a new realm of growth and understanding.   Our focus is not on intellectual development, but rather on the emotional sphere which according to current research, has a greater impact and success trajectory than the intelligence quotient. 

We would very much, like to partner with you; and are here to help your organization develop, to its highest potential.  


Rupert A. Hayles, Jr.